Reuse Programs

Get Rid of Stuff. Did you know that reusing materials is roughly 93% more energy-efficiency than recycling? It also decreases demand for natural resources, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. iReuse’s removal services help you reduce your impact and save time and money while making a difference to the people in your community. We’ll sell and donate your furniture and equipment to buyers and nonprofits through our innovative services that support your social and environmental goals.
CleanSweep iReuse Hauling


CleanSweep is the ideal solution for medium to large
corporations with fifteen or more offices. With this one-stop solution,
we manage every aspect of the internal re-distribution, sale, donation, recycling,
and disposal for all your surplus equipment and furniture,
so you don’t have to. Benefits include:

iReuse Hauling

Best for residential and small business projects, iReuse Hauling quickly removes your unwanted furniture and equipment, donating an average of 60% to local nonprofits. You will also receive donation receipts from each nonprofit recipient. This is the best service if your time frame for removal is less than two weeks.

  • Reduced moving & storage costs.
  • Access to our extensive buying network.
  • Avoided hauling and dumping fees through donation.
  • Itemized reporting and tax receipts.
  • Documentation for LEED certification.
  • A complete report on environmental benefits.
  • Contact us to get started today.

Get stuff. Looking for reused or donated items? Search our inventory. If you don’t see what your looking for, create a wish list and we will notify you when those items become available. Login to an existing wish list.

Pesticide Free Zone Campaign

“On behalf of the Pesticide Free Zone Campaign and all those who use the facilities in our office, site at the computer to access information and do work here I want to THANK YOU and the iReuse project for the two wonderful office chairs. We no longer fear the back of our chair falling off, tipping over or getting a back ache due to sitting at the computer. We are a totally non-profit organization and could never have been able to acquire such fine equipment on our own.

We wish you well in your efforts to get iReuse on line and moving forward. Your concept and service should be well received in Marin and beyond.”

Sonoma Serves

“On behalf of the Sonoma SERVES After School program, I want to thank you for your help in obtaining the donations. Everything we took away from the house will be used in our classrooms, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the many kids we serve each day. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and your help throughout the day made everything as easy and painless as possible.”

Trips for Kids

“We sincerely appreciate the generosity you continue to extend to the nonprofit world and your efforts to contribute to the environmental health of our planet. You are truly a model business and we wish you all the best! I expect to be reading in the near future that you are getting lots of awards and recognition for your work – you deserve it for sure.

Because of your generous donation more underserved kids will challenge themselves, expand their horizons and develop a first-hand relationship with nature through mountain biking.”