Sustainability Consulting

Results matter. iReuse’s team of sustainability experts deliver measurable results for every client, whether their focus is on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, green procurement, certification programs, or carbon footprint analysis. From property management companies to utilities to large banks, our customers appreciate our hands-on, collaborative approach and complete transparency.

People, planet, profit. We help you take the long view. From analyzing your supply chain and business travel to communicating your results, iReuse will help you create a sustainability strategy that maximizes your return on investment and reduces your environmental, social, and financial impacts. We also help you leverage your sustainability efforts, providing documentation for certification programs and success stories for public relations campaigns that increase customer and employee loyalty and overall brand equity.

Green Procurement Green Transportation eWaste Disposal

Green Procurement

Are you purchasing materials that waste resources? Analyze your paper, janitorial, IT, and food service products and see where you can save.

Green Transportation

How many trips do your employees take, and how do they travel? Could simple carpool programs improve your carbon footprint? We’ll optimize your travel, commuting, and fleets.

e-Waste Disposal

Where does your e-waste go when it leaves your building? Our e-waste verification experts ensure that it is handled in a way that minimizes toxics and pollution.



  • In-depth supply chain analysis
  • Green product sourcing
  • Product and vendor recommendations
    and transition assistance
  • Green purchasing policy development and integration
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  • Audit business travel and employee commute data
  • Assess fleet profile and vehicle miles traveled
  • Quantify fuel use and greenhouse gas impacts
  • Integrate alternative meeting and commuting options
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  • Survey all locations
  • Research vendor track records
  • Develop IT asset disposition policy
  • Implement alternative disposition process
  • Track improvements and document for CSR reports
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Carbon Footprint Certification Programs Employee Engagement

Carbon Footprint

Measure your carbon footprint for Corporate Social Responsibility reports, Global Reporting Initiative, AB32, or corporate recognition programs such as EPA Climate Leaders.

Certification Programs

Design and implement a program to achieve Energy Star, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), or green business certification.

Employee Engagement Programs

Educating and inspiring employees can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful initiatives. Our programs ensure that your people are engaged to fully understand and participate in your sustainability efforts.



  • Define inventory scope and operational boundaries
  • Identify all Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions sources
  • Collect data, conduct gap analysis and modeling
  • Calculate greenhouse gas emissions
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  • Data audit for certification requirements
  • Management of all registration and submittals
  • Supervision of project timelines and deliverables
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  • Employee survey design and administration
  • Employee education campaigns
  • Green employee events
  • Reports for employees on sustainability improvements
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